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Thank you for extending the life of your gear with us. We have successfully received your trade-in request.

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Still Have Questions?

How much will my gift-card be worth?

You will receive credit for every eligible item you send us. As part of the online trade-in journey, you can view an estimate of how much you will receive for your item(s), so please ensure you are comfortable with the estimates before sending in your products. Unfortunately, if our system is unable to generate a quote for you that means the item is currently not eligible for trade-in. We periodically review item eligibility and hope to expand our list of accepted items in the future. While we are unable to make a manual exception, we invite you to check back at a later time to see if your item becomes eligible!

Items that are not eligible will be mailed back to you free of charge if you opt to have them returned.

Can I combine multiple mail-in trade-ins in the same package?

The label we send is based on the information provided when you initiated your trade-in. At this time we are unable to add additional items to existing trade-ins or combine multiple trade-ins.

Please note that there is a limit of 5 items per mail-in trade-in, due to the weight limit covered by the provided postage. Please do not send your trade-in with more than 5 items, even if they all fit inside the same package, as this may lead to USPS returning the package to the sender for insufficient postage.

Can I mail my trade-in and return together in the same package?

No, trade-ins and returns are processed through separate teams and systems and MUST be shipped separately. To ensure accurate processing of your items, please do not combine trade-ins and returns in the same package.

Please follow the processes outlined on the sites below: